Innovative technology is the path to the future

At ESSEL we are constantly developing new products which not only help us to specifically target your needs, but also to constantly amaze you. The result: Extraordinary Packaging.

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From the concept to the tube - always one step ahead

At ESSEL we combine renowned printing processes with exciting innovations such as Inviseam, UV printing, or the integration of Braille. The result: Extraordinary Packaging.

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Individual packaging solutions for every industry

At ESSEL you can find the right tube for every industry which provides secure packaging for your product and showcases it to the maximum. The result: Extraordinary Packaging.

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From conceptual design to tube: This creates the perfect home for your product.

Whatever you want packaged, our range of laminated tubes will provide you with a suitable solution.
We look forward to impressing you with our expertise!

  • Durable

  • light

  • leak-proof

  • protection against light and germs

All the benefits of the laminated tube

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