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09/02/2015 - Plate production inhouse

Plate production inhouse

The investment has already paid off. Since July 2015, we produce on our new installed production line, our own plates. We guarantee a shorter time for each print job and we are able to give a individual respond to our customers requirements.
More quality. More flexibility. More efficient.


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Essel Deutschland is your confident partner for the use of tubes as a universal packaging. We supply packaging solutions that are designed to enhance your brand and fulfil your customer demands. We assist you to refine your product with the use of the right packaging. That is how we define our slogan - Enhance Your Brand.

We guide you from the choice of decoration capabilities up to the most suitable material for your product. Our production capabilities allow us to offer you a huge variety of different solutions - that is how we ensure your product will stand out from all others. How can we assist you?